Lone Angler brings to the market an effective, reliable and unobtrusive predator fence. With our extensive knowledge and experience of every kind of fencing, the Predator Fence is both affordable and easily constructed from a “kit of parts” by the clients own work force or can of course be constructed on-site by our fitters.


Lone Angler has designed a roller that fits simply and easily into their extensive range of existing fencing products, the otter (for instance) will find it impossible to climb the fence as the free running roller negates all grip for the animal to purchase on. The design has gone through many developments and has cumulated in our light weight free running system. We have taken care over its use in freezing conditions and accounted for possible water ingress problems resulting in a British made product that will last reliably for many years.

The fence is more effective than the traditional 45 degree over-hang and needs only to be 4 feet in total height. It is also deer friendly, allowing deer and other welcome wild life to leap our fence safely.

In short we have an effective solution to a major problem with a totally unobtrusive look and feel at a cost comparable to existing methods with considerably less labour time in its construction. The construction time is 50% quicker using the new innovative clipex steel fencing post system, which also comes with a 30 year fence life guarantee.

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Design registered. Patent applied for.